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Winter Weather Tips For Dog Owners

Preventing your dog from encountering serious health problems and injuries during the winter is critical for anyone that owns a dog. In order to avoid some common winter health hazards, there are several keys tips and guidelines that you should use to help ensure your dog makes it through the winter as healthy as possible.

Understand That Your Dog's Fur Provides Limited Protection To Your Dog

Your dog's fur can be highly effective at keeping it warm, but your dog's fur is not impervious to cold. It can still be possible for it to get cold enough to put your dog at risk of developing hypothermia. This can be particularly true during periods of snow, sleet or other types of winter precipitation. Due to these limits, you should bring your animal inside during times when the temperature drops below freezing or there is heavy winter precipitation expected.

Prevent Your Dog's Water From Freezing

Providing your dog with a fresh source of water is one of the essential forms of care that you can provide to the animal. For most individuals, this will be done by having a water bowl for their animal. When this bowl is located outside, it can be at a risk of freezing, which can prevent your dog from being about to drink it. While you might assume that it is simply impossible to avoid this risk, there are many water bowls that are equipped with a small heating device that will keep the water in the bowl just above freezing so that it will remain liquid. While these systems can be highly effective, you should still check the water periodically during periods of very low temperatures to ensure that the heating element was not overwhelmed.

Protect Your Dog's Feet From The Cold Ground

Those that keep their dogs indoors may assume that they will not have much to worry about during the winter months. However, your dog will still be exposed to the harsh winter weather when you take it for a walk. This can be particularly problematic for the dog's feet as the cold ground can be very uncomfortable for the dog's feet. Also, the ground can be cold enough to actually damage the pads on the bottom of your dog's feet. Fortunately, you can invest in protective covers for your dog's feet that will easily slide on on them. While your dog may not like wearing these pads, it can be one of the simplest ways of avoiding cold-related foot injuries.

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