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Is Your Elderly Parent Interested In A New Puppy? 3 Factors To Consider As You Search For The Perfect Breed

Today, more is known about the benefits of pets for seniors. With a dog in the house, your loved one gains a companion that helps stave off feelings of isolation and loneliness while also finding a new reason to move more throughout the day. Yet, you also know that choosing the right breed is critical since your loved one might not be able to handle an overly aggressive dog or one that wreaks havoc on their house. As you get ready to help your parent find a new puppy, consider these factors that help you find a breed that is perfect for a new addition to your family.

Consider the Size of Their House

Many seniors choose to downsize in an effort to make life easier. For seniors living in a small apartment or condo, it is important to choose a small dog that is happy spending most of their time outdoors. Look for a smaller breed dog such as coton de tulear puppies for sale that is just the right size for smaller apartments or houses with tiny yards.

Focus on a Low-Maintenance Breed

Senior adults often do best with dogs that do not require a whole lot of maintenance. For instance, your loved one may find it challenging to try to burn off an energetic breed's energy. Alternatively, your senior parent may prefer a pet that does not require too much grooming. Coton puppies for sale are low maintenance. Typically, their coat needs to be brushed several times a week, and they are happy with a short walk each day provided that they get lots of indoor playtime with their senior companion.

Ask About Trainability

Most puppies will require some training at first such as teaching them to go potty in the appropriate places, and a dog breed that trains fast is ideal for senior adults who don't always have the time to deal with negative puppy behaviors. Pick a breed that is known for its intelligence, and make sure that the puppy you choose was socialized in its first few weeks of life.

The search for a new puppy is always exciting, and this is a great chance to help your loved one explore new breeds that fit well into their lifestyle. Once you find the perfect new puppy, help your loved one get started with its house training, and you can look forward to watching your loved one spend many hours happily engaged with their new pup.

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