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Keeping Your Goldendoodle Puppy Safe For The Holidays

You've just found the Goldendoodle puppy that you're family has been searching for. With the holidays approaching, you will have a big job ahead of you keeping that puppy out of trouble. There are numerous hazards that the holidays bring. Here's a few things to be aware of to help keep your furry friend safe through the New Year.

Holiday Decorations

Who doesn't love to deck the halls to get into the holiday spirit? Well, this year, as you hang the holly and string the lights, keep your Goldendoodle in mind.

Skip the Tinsel – if your dog was to eat the tinsel off of the tree, he could choke or suffer severely from a bowel obstruction.

Secure the Tree – it is hard to keep a puppy away from the tree. Use mounting clips to secure the tree to the wall behind it and/or the floor that it's sitting on. You don't want the tree falling if the dog brushes up against it while he's playing.

Hide the Candy – don't leave the candy dish sitting on tables or counters that your dog can easily access. Candy made of chocolate or containing xylitol will make him sick or even end his life.

Tape down Wiring – don't leave wiring dangling or unsecured. Tape it to the floor, wall or something sturdy to make sure the dog doesn't get tangled in it and has a more difficult time chewing on it.

No Seasonal Plants – skip the holly and poinsettias this year. If you have to have those plants, opt for artificial ones this year. If your dog was to eat holly or poinsettias, he could become very, very sick.

Hosting for the Holidays

Having your family and friends over is fun, but you must remember to keep your dog and your guests safe as your furry friend adapts to his new home.

Let your guests know immediately not to feed your dog. You don't want him consuming anything that could make him sick – like ham which can cause pancreatic inflammation.

Watch the children – if your dog isn't used to small children, make sure to keep a close eye on him as he gets used to them. You may even want to keep your dog in a kennel or your bedroom to ensure the excitement doesn't become too much for him.

Your holiday will be great with your new canine companion. Just keep these things in mind as you celebrate this year and every year after. Talk to a business like Petit Jean Puppies for more help.

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