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3 Things You Shouldn't Do If Your Dog Is Hit By A Car

As someone who owns and loves a dog, one of your biggest fears might be of your dog getting hit by a car. Keeping your dog restrained to a fence or on a leash can help prevent this from happening, but accidents do still happen. If your dog does happen to get hit by a car, you probably want to ensure that you handle the situation in the best way possible so that you can try to keep your beloved pet comfortable and get the care that it needs. In this type of stressful situation, however, it can be easy to make mistakes. These are a few things that you shouldn't do if your dog gets hit by a car:

1. Put Yourself at Risk

First of all, even though you are probably very worried about your dog's health and safety in this type of situation, you have to think about yourself as well. Since your dog might be injured and in pain, it might react in a way that it wouldn't normally. This means that you have to be careful to avoid getting bit or otherwise injured. You may want to put a muzzle on your dog to help keep yourself safe while handling the situation.

2. Try to Handle the Situation Yourself

As a dog owner, your first instinct might be to try to help your dog yourself. However, depending on how serious the injuries are, your dog might need immediate treatment from a vet. Finding a vet's office or animal hospital in your area is generally going to be the best course of action.

3. Move Your Dog Too Much

Depending on the injuries that your dog might have sustained, there is a chance that it could be injured even worse if it is moved around too much. Plus, being moved around a lot could cause discomfort for your dog. If your dog is small enough that you can carry it, wrapping it up in a blanket and trying to hold it still can be a good choice. If your dog is thrashing around a lot, then you may want to put it in a small carrier to help keep it confined and still.

As you can see, there are a few mistakes that you will want to avoid making if you do find yourself in this horrific situation. Then, if you find the right vet at the right animal hospital, you can help ensure that your dog gets the best treatment possible. Contact an animal hospital like Center-Sinai Animal Hospital for more information and assistance. 

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