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Top 4 Reasons To Neuter Your Male Dog

Owning a dog can bring years of joy and happiness to you and your family. But, if you choose to add a male dog to your household, it is in the best interest of your dog to have him neutered. Neutering a male dog is a safe and simple surgical process that can be performed by a vet-- in most cases, you can drop off your dog in the morning and pick him up in the afternoon. The main reasons to neuter your male dog include:

Prevent Unplanned Litters

If you neglect to neuter your dog and choose to leave him intact, he will have a very difficult time resisting a female dog who is in heat. If your male dog happens to impregnate a female dog of a neighbor or friend, you may end up having to bear half of the financial burden of raising a litter of puppies until they are old enough to go to new homes. Also, there is a major pet overpopulation problem, and millions of dogs in shelters are euthanized each year; neutering your dog will help ensure that you're not contributing to the problem of unwanted litters of puppies. 

Better Behavior

In many cases, an intact dog can display a number of behavioral problems. It is not uncommon for a dog who is not neutered to be more aggressive due to having high levels of testosterone. The best thing to do is to neuter your dog when he is a puppy to prevent aggression and unwanted behavior. Getting your dog neutered may also make it easier to train your dog as he gets older.

Less Likely to Roam

When a male dog is not neutered, he will have the urge to seek out female dogs in heat when he reaches sexual maturity. As a result, dogs who are not neutered are more likely to try to escape from the home and backyard. This can lead to your dog getting hit by a car or becoming lost as he roams around. Neutering your dog can greatly decrease the likelihood that your dog will try to escape and roam around the neighborhood.

Better Health

Just like humans, male dogs can develop prostate problems, such as enlargement, cysts, and abscesses, as well as testicular cancer. It has been shown that neutering can help prevent prostate problems in dogs as they age. Also, since neutering involves removing the testicles, a neutered dog will not be at risk for testicular cancer. 

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