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Stategies To Make Boarding Your Dog Easier

Boarding your animal for the first time will be a monumental event in your pet's life and in your relationship with the animal. To minimize the shock and stress that can be caused by boarding, you will want to take some precautions to help prepare your pet.

Tour The Boarding Facility

Before you make a decision about a particular boarding facility, you may want to arrange for a tour of the facilities. This will help you to verify that the boarding facility is of an acceptable level of quality for your pet. Also, it will help you to see first-hand the size and shape of the kennels and dog runs, which can help you with choosing a size for your animal.

Obtain Copies Of Your Pet's Medical Records

It is important for the boarding facility to have a copy of the relevant medical documents for your pet. This will include vaccination records and any instructions for issues that your pet may experience. Luckily, many veterinarian offices can arrange for these records to be faxed to the boarding facility for you, which can reduce the inconvenience that you may experience.

Consider Whether Anxiety Medications Will Be Beneficial

Some pets will suffer from intense separation anxiety when they are forced to be apart from their owner. This anxiety can lead to self-destructive behaviors and excessive aggression in the animal.

If you suspect that your dog may have this type of reaction to being separated from you, it may be worthwhile to have your animal's veterinarian prescribe anti-anxiety medication for your pet. These medications will be a mild sedative for your animal, which can help to keep it calm until it has better adjusted to the environment of the boarding facility.

If you opt for this strategy, make sure the veterinarian prepares directions for the medication. Otherwise, the staff at the boarding facility may be unsure of how to administer the medication.

Prepare A Small Bag Of Your Dog's Items

Your animal may have toys or other small items that are a source of comfort to it. When you are preparing your dog to be boarded, it can be helpful to prepare a small bag for the animal. In this bag, you should include a couple of small toys that the dog prefers, as well as some of its normal food.

Each boarding facility will have different rules concerning these bags, and asking for a copy of the facility's policy for these bags can help you to avoid breaking rules when preparing it. For more information about these policies and answers to other questions, contact a dog boarding facility such as Animal Care Center of Forest Park.

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