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Understanding Pet Needs

What You Should Know About High Blood Pressure In Dogs

As a dog owner, you want to always be sure that you are able to take the best possible care of your pet. However, just like your human children, sometimes your furry four-legged children come down with ailments that you do not have total control over. High blood pressure (also referred to as hypertension) is one such condition. Many people do not even realize that hyp

Is Your Elderly Parent Interested In A New Puppy? 3 Factors To Consider As You Search For The Perfect Breed

Today, more is known about the benefits of pets for seniors. With a dog in the house, your loved one gains a companion that helps stave off feelings of isolation and loneliness while also finding a new reason to move more throughout the day. Yet, you also know that choosing the right breed is critical since your loved one might not be able to handle an overly aggressi

Winter Weather Tips For Dog Owners

Preventing your dog from encountering serious health problems and injuries during the winter is critical for anyone that owns a dog. In order to avoid some common winter health hazards, there are several keys tips and guidelines that you should use to help ensure your dog makes it through the winter as healthy as possible. Understand That Your Dog's Fur Provides

Three Things Rescued Kittens Need Right Away

If you've recently found one or more kittens that you want to rescue and care for, it's important to know where to start. Kittens are much more susceptible to diseases, illness, and damage from external factors than adult cats. Your kitten should get these three things right away in order to ensure that it's healthy and strong. Food If your kitten has a mother that yo

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